Friday, March 27, 2009


St. Patrick's Day fell during my track break this year, so my class and I discussed it when school resumed. I had a Scholastic News about St. Patrick's Day that we read together. At the end it had a chart about sayings in Ireland and what they mean. In Ireland, instead of saying "I'm hungry" they say "I'm feeling peckish".

The next day:
S: What's that word for hungry that the leprechauns say?
Miss R: peckish
S: Oh. I'm feeling peckish.
Miss R: Yeah, me too!

So now everyday at various times and from different places in the room I hear "I'm feeling peckish!"


Amy said...

That's adorable! I think I am going to start saying that too. You watch, it just might appear in my blog soon. Haha! ;)

Michael said...

I am feeling peckish now, but since we had a good dinner, there is no excuse...think i'll wait until morning.

Joanne said...

Too fun. Kids just love new words, don't they! Good job! We're all waiting for the next new word! Guess what my word verification is for this comment! (reateri) -ties in with peckish.