Friday, February 13, 2009

The Adventures of Okapi

Okapi decided that he wanted to spend a few weeks visiting me becuase he knew Jocelyn would come back to get him. Okapi and I had so much fun together! He really has been a great help:)

Here are some of the fun times we had together:

Okapi helping me fill out licensure paperwork.

Okapi helping me read my textbook. It was a little boring, so he started to fall asleep.

There's nothing like pocorn, a movie, and hot chocolate on a Friday night! (Okapi actually preferred the water.)

Okapi is helping me pick out which books I should use for my homework and which books I should bring in to read to my students. We especially enjoyed "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More" and "I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean".

Okapi is helping me scan Grandma's pictures!
Look at all the fun we had together. Sadly Okapi is going home after this weekend, but the good news is that means Jocelyn is coming to visit!


Jocelyn said...

Oh, I am laughing so hard!!! I can't wait to see Okapi tomorrow morning. What a sweet reunion. Thank you for showing him such a good time and making sure he felt loved. Hee hee hee! You're great!

Grammyzanne said...

When is Okapi going to come visit us? Have a good weekend.

Joanne said...

Too funny. Your room looks so spotless - was okapi a big help?

Anonymous said...

I love having such creative sisters

Jack Turner said...

Okapi Okapi! Everyone wants a visit from Okapi, including Tamara and me.

Jocelyn said...

Okapi is pleased with the screaming deals you found today at the Rack. In fact, Okapi might be a bit jealous because he can't ever find anything his size when he goes. Apparently the Rack doesn't cater to Okapis.

Joanne said...

Ok, ok, okapi. When do we find out about other things going on in Andrea's life?

Tamara Robertson said...

It looks like life is not as exciting without Okapi. ...or just really busy!
Looking forward to a blog update when you have time. : )