Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tamara and Jack

What a beautiful day filled with love, family, and friends! I'm so happy for Tamara and Jack!

Top: Tamara and Jack
Left: Andrea, Brent, Jocelyn
Bottom: Chelsea, Brent,
Mrs. Gross,
me, and Jocelyn


Joanne said...

Andrea, did you take the top picture? I should get copies of your pictures and any one else who took pictures that day! Because the only picture I took all day was at midnight with Chelsea sound asleep at the building on the back stairs!

Andrea said...

I actually didn't take any pictures. Melissa took the picture on the top. I can burn you a CD of all the pictures I got from facebook if you want.

Tom Agsten said...

A. I enjoyed reading your note within the xmas card as well as viewing your blogsite. Your pics verefied that your smile was as great as ever! The hot chocolate sounds like a good bet. We'll be out of town with family from Tues till Sunday of next week. I hope you'll still be in town when I return. I'm anxious to hear about how you've moved forward since you were one of my best ever students. Hope to hear from you. T. Agsten