Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I went to the midnight release Breaking Dawn party at Borders with Ruth, Lola, Jordan, Riann, Kerri, and Stephanie. There was a shirt contest, so we decorated shirts the week before. Lola and I designed the iron-ons and we even were able to find the same font as the book covers! On Friday, we decorated them even more with ribbons, silver iron-ons, and silver/glitter fabric paint. We would have won if the Borders people had judged, but instead they just had people scream for the ones they liked ( the one who won was a store bought shirt). A Borders person told us later they thought we should have won and all night people were giving us compliments on our shirts.

The actual party at Borders wasn't that great, they didn't have very much going on-I heard Barnes and Noble had a better party. Borders did get us our books and get us out of there pretty quickly, though.

So, needless to say, I read all day Saturday! This book is SO GOOD! I loved it!

Here's the front and back of my shirt up close:


Jack Turner said...

That is really cool. I'd have never thought to create a shirt, and it's clever. Looks very nice too.

Andrea said...

Thanks! It was definitely a group effort, but I like how we all added our own twist to it.

Joanne said...

Loved the shirt and the skinny girl in it!!! Now it is September and I'm ready to see a picture of your classroom and a picture of your new place! And then, I am ready to try out your Pancake House in November (ok, that's a ways away!)