Friday, July 3, 2009

The San Diego Zoo

While I was home for a few days on my track break, we decided to go to the zoo.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to the zoo.  They have completely changed the monkey and flamingo exhibit!  It is now much more open and less cage-like.  


Of course we had to get a picture of the coordinating girls :)

The boys in my class are absolutely fascinated by dinosaurs, and dragons, and lizards, and snakes and… So I couldn’t resist:)








Andrea and the Komodo Dragon               Jocelyn and the Boa Constrictor

IMG_0152 This is the turtle that couldn’t figure out how to eat it’s food.  Jocelyn and I were getting a kick out of it – then we tried to tell the turtle how he could be successful at eating his lettuce.


Joanne said...

Zoo fun. I'm looking forward to Dad getting an annual pass with me so we can take walks at the zoo and WAP.

Jocelyn said...

Good times. The zoo was definitely a highlight of my summer. Oh, and having you visit was fun, too. ;)

Michael said...

I went with Mom, Jocelyn, Brent and Chelsea to the Wild Animal Park last Summer, but I didn't make it to the Zoo...looking forward to going with Mom.