Sunday, November 23, 2008

Track Break Happenings Part 2

I drove out to Phoenix to visit Tamara and Jack before I went home for Thanksgiving. (Yes, kind of a big detour, but definitely worth it!). Tamara and I scrapbooked, scrapbooked, scrapbooked--oh and did I mention that we scapbooked? But hey! We finished our Lake Tahoe scrapbook! Saturday morning Tamara and I (Jack had to finish some homework) went on a hike. We both forgot to bring a camera, but I had a disposable camera in my trunk. We stoppped about halfway up and took some pictures overlooking Phoenix. Unfortunately, they didn't turn out :( You gotta love disposable cameras. I had a good time visiting with Tamara and Jack; I'm glad that we don't live too far apart.

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